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Whilst walking in the woods one day, Billie and I came across a small door in a tree.  Intrigued, I knocked.  To our surprise the door was opened by a Gnome with a big bushy beard... He told me that I was the first 'big' person to ever knock!  Plenty of dogs, however have stuck their noses through the door, particularly at tea time.  We chatted for some time, and I'm happy to say I made, not just one new friend, but many, on that fateful day.

So, I would like you to meet Goron the Gnome.  He's an adventurous soul, who likes nothing better than exploring his home county of Cornwall.  Every now and again, he even goes abroad... over the Tamar into Devon!  He, wife Elowen, friends, Breock, Mr Cool (he refuses to give me his real name!), Senara, Poppy, Oak, Uncle Minver, and cousins Peran, Hedrek and Logan, love nothing better than to be outdoors.  Invited along on some of their days out, I began to do what I love, take pictures!  So these images were captured*, with their permission, in not very secret locations...

* Original character design and artwork by my eldest son Finley, currently studying Art at University.

Concept, additional artwork, editing and design by me!

Ideas brainstormed over the tea table, with youngest son Jared too.