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These are mine and Billie's short walks around the beautiful county of Cornwall.  Unless otherwise stated they are approximately an hour long, although this is a rough guide only!  This usually equates to between 2.4 and 2.7 miles, and I am beginning to add mileages to the walks for those of you that like to know.  The walks can be done more quickly but if you're visiting an area new to you, or you just enjoy a more relaxing stroll, I would suggest allowing at least an extra half an hour to thoroughly explore.  I do check on these routes on a reasonably regular basis, however please note that undergrowth can sometimes get excessive, particularly in late spring/ early summer.  Ownership of land can change, livestock can suddenly appear, or disappear, and occasionally routes are blocked.  I have tried to give alternate routes where there are frequent issues, but please let me know if you encounter any problems.

If you'd like a taster of our walks, please visit our facebook page where I have added some short videos of a few...

These walks are ones which also come for free with our 'Cornwall Walks' range of cards, but are supplied here in a downloadable PDF format.  These are walk guides only.  If you would like a different file format, or a paper copy (with an additional postage cost) this can be arranged.  Please contact me with this, or any other queries at 

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More walks are in the pipeline, particularly in areas C, E and F, but they do take time to fully assess.  If you're looking for these areas, please check again in a month, or contact me as there are a few that are almost ready! 
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