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What our customers say about us!

Carn Brea Castle web IMGP8411.jpg

Sue near Redruth ordered a 60 x 40 cm canvas print, the latest of several pictures over the last two years.  This is her review taken from our Google listing:

'I highly recommend Claire and Billie of course. Very accomplished photographer with a unique eye and extensive catalogue of prints. Very friendly service with easy ordering and fast turnaround at sensible prices. Have purchased several prints and always been delighted. Perfect for that special gift.'

Moira in Newbury ordered eight cards:

'The cards are beautiful and they arrived so promptly.  Thank you and also to AC Elliott for some stunning pictures.'

Kennall Vale A5 gc web IMGP7932.jpg
Ding Dong Greenburrow sm print web IMGP6

Doreen in Gunnislake ordered two 12 x 8" fine art prints:

Many many thanks for the pictures!! They arrived today and are VERY special... But thank you again for the truly smashing pictures they will hang in a VERY prominent spot!!

Caroline in Plymouth bought a special order 12 x 8" photo:

It's here, framed and on the wall!  Love it.  What a lovely photo.  Thank you very much.'

Carn Brea sm print web IMGP1220.jpg
Carn Brea rocks & puddle A5 gc web IMGP1

Wendy in Eccles ordered a greeting card:

'My partner's dad is 90 and housebound but he was a keen photographer and frequent visitor to Cornwall so we are thrilled with it.  Thank you so much for your help with this.'

Sarah near Redruth bought five 'walks' cards, and then a few more walks...

'We bought 5 of your walk cards last week and they have been amazing - we have a 5yr old mad on mines and a golden retriever so your walks are ideal, thank you for them!'

Basset & Grylls Tyacke's Pumping A5 gc web IMGP6895.jpg
Wheal Peevor A5 gc web IMGP3869.jpg

Sarah and Andrew on their Cornish Walking Trails You Tube Channel, after Andrew received my Wheal Peevor card for his birthday:

'Our walk today is taken from a birthday card, produced by Billie's Walk... A perfect walk for a winter's day... A great introduction to Cornish mining. It's quite a gentle walk... It's a beautiful, lovely walk, and... if you are interested in finding out a bit more about the Cornish history and Cornish mining it's all here. The leaflet worked.. The map was brilliant... I can't fault it. It came within a birthday card, it's a perfect gift... 10 out of 10!'

Brian from Reading ordered five 'walks' cards:

'I received the cards very promptly the day after ordering them, thank you!  I am extremely pleased with the quality and value of the greetings cards and can't wait to get down to Cornwall to try some of Billie's walks. The detail you have put into the walk instructions are unrivalled in any walking book I own.  The information you give.... is great, you have clearly spent a lot of time and effort compiling the walks.'

Tehidy Woods A5 gc web IMGP7484.jpg

Andrew from West Sussex ordered two pictures, and then a couple more:

'The photos arrived today, and I am delighted with them. Please let me know if you take any more photos of the area...'

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